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Brains in the Palm of Your Hand: 3D Organoid Cell Culture

In this month’s episode, brought to you by The Scientist and sponsored by Molecular Devices, we discover how scientists are developing a new set of tools for studying previously intractable diseases by differentiating and growing stem cells into 3D organ-like structures called organoids. Niki Spahich from The Scientist’s Creative Services team spoke with Sergiu Pasca from the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University to learn how he uses brain organoids to understand neurological conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder.

The Scientist Speaks is a podcast produced by The Scientist’s Creative Services team. Our podcast is by scientists and for scientists. Once a month, we will bring you the stories behind news-worthy molecular biology research.


Sergiu Pasca
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
B. Uytengsu & Family Director of the Brain Organogenesis Program
Stanford University


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