Phagocidal Macrophages: A New Battle Tactic Against Resistant Cancers

Cancer immunotherapies are saving lives, but researchers still have a long journey ahead of them. Many cancers that are initially sensitive to immunotherapy acquire resistance over time, while others are resistant from the beginning.

In this episode, Niki Spahich from The Scientist’s Creative Services Team spoke with Stephanie Dougan, an associate professor of immunology at Harvard Medical School and a principal investigator at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, about her research developing new immunotherapies for resistant tumors.

LabTalk is a special edition podcast produced by The Scientist's Creative Services Team, where we explore topics at the leading edge of innovative research. This month’s episode is sponsored by 10x Genomics.


Stephanie Dougan, PhD
Associate Professor, Immunology
Harvard Medical School
Principle Investigator
Dana Farber Cancer Institute



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